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Case Study: Logistic of the Instrument Industry Clock

With the increasing power consumption in society, the intelligent meter industry is facing urgent development needs, and efficient development is inseparable from the help of logistics. Unmanned operation and informatization are also key requirements for warehousing and logistics in this industry. Therefore, intelligent logistics also has become the only way for the development of intelligent meter industry.

A few days ago, a large-scale electric power enterprise has officially applied CASUN C6-21 hybrid robot for intelligent meter detection to realize intelligent detection, automatic meter picking, hanging meter and other functions.

1. Application of C6-21 hybrid AGV in the project

In this project, the hybrid AGV is mainly used in the detection process of intelligent meters. The project includes automatic docking with the three-dimensional storehouse to complete the in-out operation, docking with intelligent meter detection table to complete the operation of automatic picking and hanging of meter, and docking with the automatic labeling and coding machine to complete the in-out operation of roller line. At the same time, it is connected with Party A's MES system to realize digital information control; it provides strong support for customers to build intelligent unmanned factories.

2. Difficulties in the application of C6-21 hybrid AGV

(1) Information exchange in the unmanned factory

To build an intelligent unmanned factory, it needs to interact with various information systems of the customer to ensure timely and accurate data transmission; the manipulator is equipped with a code scanning function, which cooperates with the AGVS system to connect with the customer's MES system to realize real-time data interaction.

(2) High positioning accuracy and stopping accuracy are required

The operation of grabbing and hanging of meter in the intelligent meter detection table requires high positioning accuracy, with the accuracy requirement of ±1mm; the two-dimensional code navigation AGV is used to achieve the positioning accuracy of ±10mm, and the robot adopts high-precision visual detection equipment to achieve the ±1mm docking requirement.

(3) The picking requirements of the manipulator fixture are high

The customer's intelligent meter products are diversified, the sizes are inconsistent, and the number of boxes is different, so it is difficult for the manipulator to automatically grab it; different fixtures are designed for different types of intelligent meters, which can be automatically switched according to the type of intelligent meters. 3 meters can be grabbed at the same time to improve the efficiency.

3. Application advantages of the C6-21 hybrid AGV

(1) Multi-positioning technology to achieve high-precision docking

The AGV adopts inertial navigation QR code visual detection to achieve precise positioning with an accuracy of ±10mm; the manipulator adopts a high-precision visual camera for detection with an accuracy of ±1mm.

(2) Multi-system linkage to realize intelligent unmanned workshop

The AGV intelligent control system is connected with the WMS system to automatically generate detection tasks of out-put and in-put of warehouse; it is connected with the MES system to realize real-time monitoring of material dynamics, synchronously transmit the binding information of the intelligent meter and the material frame, and the detection status of the intelligent meter; it is connected with the manipulator system to realize the functions of hanging and picking the meter, switching the fixture, etc., without manual participation in the whole process.

(3) Intelligent scheduling to achieve efficient application

Intelligently plan the optimal path, reduce ineffective walking, and improve operation efficiency. The AGV intelligent control system can also record the bound material information in real time to realize the synchronization of accounts and materials.

(4) Docking intelligent meters of various specifications and sizes

According to the specifications and dimensions of the intelligent meter, three different manipulator fixtures are designed, namely, a fixture for grabbing one meter, a fixture for grabbing three meters at the same time, and a fixture for grabbing a material box. Multiple sets of fixtures are automatically switched.

4. The C6-21 hybrid AGV can improve customers' benefits

(1) Improve the degree of factory automation

From warehouse delivery to hanging meter detection, from meter picking to coding and labeling, and finally to finished product warehousing, the entire process is completed by a hybrid manipulator, which improves the degree of factory automation.

(2) Improve the detection efficiency

The manipulator automatically picks and hangs the meters, without the need for personnel to operate, reducing the operation error rate.

(3) Improve the information flow

From the delivery of the product to be inspected to the warehousing of the finished product, the hybrid robot monitors the location of the intelligent meter. The time of the intelligent meter entering and leaving the warehouse, and the detected status information can be traced back to realize product informatization.

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