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CASUN Focuses on Innovation and Drives the Smart Manufacturing to Soar!

As the global exhibition recovers, exhibition events around the world are restarting, showing renewed vitality! As a leading brand in industrial mobile robots, CASUN presents a wealth of knowledge and experience at various national summits.

Industrial mobile robots empower intelligent logistics solutions in battery factories

On July 11-12, 2022, CASUN was invited to participate in EVIF2022 (4th) Guangzhou International New Energy Vehicle Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition and Summit Forum, focusing on the entire industrial chain of new energy vehicles and exploring industry digitalization and intelligent manufacturing.

The automotive industry is one of the largest industries in the world, and the application of mobile robots has become an indispensable part of upgrading and transforming intelligent manufacturing for automakers. The mode of "intelligent control system + industrial mobile robots" has become an effective means for many automotive brand owners to comprehensively improve their company's intelligent level.

The tireless AGV/AMR has joined the employee team and created a safer and more efficient working environment, optimized labor costs, and effectively improved ROI. It has also increased flexibility, reduced downtime, and responded more quickly to market and industry pressures.

As a professional partner in the automotive industry and an expert in the mobile robot field, CASUN will showcase its mature fifth-generation navigation control system and comprehensive solutions for intelligent manufacturing and intelligent logistics, along with many industry cases to conference participants. They will deeply discuss intelligent logistics solutions empowered by industrial mobile robots (AGV/AMR) in battery factories and support the upgrading of intelligent manufacturing of new energy vehicles.

Autonomous transport of industrial mobile robots

On July 13-14, 2022, CASUN appeared at the 2022 Ningde International Forum on New Energy Battery and Smart Manufacturing Technology. As a leading brand of industrial mobile robots, CASUN presented the latest comprehensive solutions for smart logistics at the forum. They discussed 16 core hot topics such as new trends in new energy power batteries, AGV/AMR empowering flexible and intelligent upgrading of power battery production, intelligent warehousing and logistics solutions for power batteries, and empowering manufactures with digital twin technology.. They discussed the future development of intelligent manufacturing.

China is the world's largest manufacturing country, and "Made in China 2025" is China's first ten-year action plan to implement a strategy of becoming a strong manufacturing country. Manufacturing is moving towards fully automated, intelligent development and upgrade.

As Chinese intelligent manufacturing continues to advance, new energy battery assembly lines have gradually completed the transformation and upgrade, followed by the demand for automation and intelligence in internal logistics.

Statistics show that less than 10% of materials are used for processing and manufacturing during the entire production process, while a large amount of time is spent on storage, loading and unloading, waiting for processing, and transportation. The cost of storage and transportation accounts for 40% of production costs. Therefore, strengthening material management and inventory control has important significance for ensuring smooth production, improving economic and social benefits of enterprises. Mobile robots can realize autonomous transportation between production lines and between production lines and line-side warehouses, and can also dock with MES and other systems to achieve data looping, thus comprehensively improving production and manufacturing efficiency.

Industrial mobile robots help industry logistics to upgrade from automation to intelligence

On July 14-15, 2022, the 7th China Automotive (Parts) Intelligent Production and Lean Logistics Cooperation and Development Forum was held in Wuhan, China. With fifteen years of experience in the mobile robot industry, CASUN introduced and demonstrated the application of smart logistics solutions for the automotive and auto parts industries at the summit. This helps to improve production efficiency and automation levels while reducing staff workloads. It also optimizes and reduces personnel and replenishment personnel by more than 20%, and raises the accuracy of inventory accuracy and supply line parts to 100%, reducing the storage management area by more than 20%.

With the background of the electrification and intelligentization of automobiles, domestic automakers have begun to implement flexible, agile, intelligent, and information-based transformation and upgrading. As a standard configuration to achieve flexible manufacturing and assembly, industrial mobile robots play an important role in the automotive and auto parts industries. They help industry logistics upgrade from automation to intelligence.

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