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Gathered in Changzhou, talk about the lithium industry new intelligence!

In June 2022, the 15th GaoGong Lithium Industry Summit was held in Changzhou Maoshan International Conference Center. More than 300 business leaders from batteries, materials, equipment, energy storage, etc., 500 enterprises lithium industry chain executives will gather in Changzhou to discuss the development of the power battery industry for the TWh era; Casun as a head service provider of intelligent logistics solutions for the lithium industry was invited to attend, the company's president Niu Shiju will lead the team to attend, and make a "mobile robot" dialogue "Lithium Smart Manufacturing" keynote speech, share Casun lithium industry manufacturing experience.

1、Leader of intelligent logistics equipment in the lithium industry - Casun AGV robot

The smart logistics solution of applying mobile robots in power battery manufacturing is gradually maturing, and more and more manufacturers are trying to integrate various types of AGV/AMR, forklift AGV, etc. in the program.

Casun AMR/AGV robots were first used in the logistics scene of power battery manufacturing, and in 2021, Casun Intelligent shipped more than 2,000 units to the lithium industry, ranking as the head service provider of new energy lithium wisdom logistics application, and is a worthy leader in the application field of wisdom logistics in the lithium industry.

Casun mainly serves Ningde Times, BYD, Honeycomb Energy, Fu Energy Technology, AVIC Lithium, Zhongwei and other lithium enterprises, and the power battery shipments delivered by the customers served in 2021 account for over 45% of the total global shipments, including over 77% of the shipments of domestic enterprises. High-speed growth of the lithium industry, Jiashun intelligence in lithium smart logistics PACK segment market share of more than 85%.

2, the development of AGV robot lithium battery industry

2021, China's power lithium battery into the explosive year, the market speed up significantly. 2021 new energy vehicle sales reached 3.52 million units, it is expected that 2-3 years later, the global power battery shipments reached 1100GWh, officially into the TWh era. According to incomplete statistics, the investment in lithium expansion in 2021 exceeds 600 billion yuan.

Into 2022, in the lithium expansion trend, the industry chain is also facing a variety of challenges intensified: upstream material shortage, price increases; midstream manufacturing link equipment and quality capacity delivery delay; downstream is facing higher requirements from customers, range, safety, charging speed, cost, etc. urgently need to be addressed.

At present, the main track of the lithium industry new energy vehicles, energy storage is opening the lithium industry cycle, in the face of changes in the international environment, new energy materials, equipment supply chain price fluctuations, capacity supply, stable delivery of the core constraints, power battery companies how to build a supply chain competitive moat, will play a decisive role in meeting the new cycle and the implementation of the strategy.

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