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What Are the Advantages of AGV Automated Forklift?

In traditional warehouses and factories, the handling of goods always consumes a lot of manpower with low efficiency and frequent mistakes. The selection of goods in the warehouse is a more serious problem. For example, the storage place of goods, different sizes and weights of different goods are challenges to machines and people. The use of AGV automated forklift can easily and perfectly solve this problem. AGV system has many advantages, such as flexibility, automation, intelligence, security and so on. It can also undertake the lifting and handling of empty pallets and loaded pallets. It not only reduces labor cost and efficiency, but also makes the working environment safer.

1. AGV automated forklift adopts advanced visual navigation technology

Based on the natural characteristics of the environment, mapping, navigation and planning path, there is no need to lay tracks and landmarks, and there is no need to transform the customers operation scene. Even in the dynamic environment, it has high robustness, low deployment cost and quick effect.

It can accurately locate and fork goods, and realize various modes such as machine to machine, machine to ground, ground to ground and stacking pallets; It can continuously work seven hours a day for seven days with flexible operation and money saving. 4 heavy forklift safety guarantee can ensure the safety of on-site personnel and equipment.

2. Advantages of AGV automated forklifts

(1) The operation beat is continuous and reliable, which will not cause large-scale shutdown;

(2) It has strong anti-interference ability. Dust, noise and small objects on the floor can not interfere with the handling work. In case of large objects, it will start the safety device and brake the carrier or automatically avoid obstacles;

(3) It can reduce the collision damage related to handling and ensure that the materials can be transported to the location without damage;

(4) AGV automated forklift is flexible and has no ground obstacles. It can make full use of the existing space and site with route channel set flexibly;

(5) Good safety. AGV is equipped with multiple protective devices such as emergency contact safety device, automatic alarm device, emergency stop button device and object detector, which can avoid hurting workers and damaging inventory, other equipment and buildings to reduce work risk.

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