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CASUN Empowers Intelligent Manufacturing Applications in the Automotive Industry

The automobile industry is one of the largest industries in the world. It has the characteristics of high industrial relevance, wide coverage, high technical requirements, strong comprehensiveness, large number of parts and components, and high added-value, which has a strong driving effect on the upgrading of the industrial structure and the development of related industries.

Ⅰ. The current situation of AGV vehicles in the automotive industry


Under the background of automobile electrification and intelligence, major automobile factories have taken the lead on the road of high-end, precision, automation and intelligence.

In the process of upgrading and transformation of car companies to realize intelligent manufacturing, the application of AGV vehicles in production logistics is an indispensable part. The model of "intelligent manufacturing + industrial robots" has become an effective means for many auto brands to comprehensively improve the company's intelligent manufacturing level.

In the intelligent manufacturing transformation of car companies, the introduction and transformation of existing production lines are long, cost is high, operation and maintenance are complex, the impact of line stoppages is large, and the overall logistics layout is flexible and low in expansion.

(1) Single production line, poor adaptability

The rhythm of each process is required to be uniform, otherwise the process of the entire production line will be affected due to the delay of any process, such as lack of materials, missing parts, scraps or unexpected problems.

Agv Vehicle

(2) Large footprint and high site cost

The workshop is required to be large, long and tall (the line length of the assembly workshop is generally more than 300 meters), the civil construction cost is high, and the equipment pit (about 2 meters deep) needs to be designed in advance.

Agv Vehicle

(3) The passage is narrow and the traffic is congested

The continuous production lines cut off the passage, resulting in long supply lines and inconvenience for people and vehicles.

Agv Vehicle

(4) Long transportation distance and difficult maintenance

The layout and introduction of the equipment are irreversible, and it is difficult to retrofit later; the conveying equipment is long, and it is inconvenient for linkage maintenance after crossing regions. The aerial line needs to design and manufacture a large-area aerial steel platform and a maintenance platform, which is difficult to maintain.

Agv Vehicle

Ⅱ. The trend of intelligent automobile manufacturing in the agv industry

The general trend of automobile manufacturing technology is: flexibility, agility, intelligence, and informatization. Around this technology development trend, major domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers have applied various types of AGV technology in automobile assembly and test technology.

This is undoubtedly the best assembly solution for the automotive industry that pursues efficiency and quality.

1. It is not only used as an unmanned automatic handling vehicle, but also can be used as a movable assembly table and processing table.

2. They can not only operate independently and independently, but also combine and connect accurately and orderly to form a flexible production line without physical partition.

3. According to the change of production process, the layout of the assembly line can be independently and randomly modified, which realizes the mixed flow production of multi-variety engines, and greatly improves the informatization, flexibility and intelligent assembly level of the engine.

4. Moreover, the AGV system can fully adapt to the current mass customization production and mixed flow assembly mode, which ensures lower production costs and shorter delivery times while meeting the individual needs of customers.

Ⅲ. The agv industry empowers the intelligent manufacturing of automobiles

As the best means of transportation for flexible manufacturing and flexible assembly, AGV trolleys are widely used in the automotive equipment industry. As one of the earliest industries using AGVs in China, the automotive industry plays a different role in the four major processes of automobile manufacturing: stamping, welding, painting, and final assembly. In different process links, AGV robots play different roles to help realize the automation and intelligence of logistics handling.

As one of the earliest mobile robot overall solution service providers in China, CASUN has 14 years of technical reserves and mature experience in the automobile manufacturing industry, helping to realize the informatization, digitization, automation and flexibility of logistics handling in the stamping, welding, painting and final assembly process of automobile manufacturing.

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