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The Demand for New Energy Vehicles and Power Batteries Has Increased, and the Logistics Efficiency of Lithium Battery Manufacturing Are Popular

As the penetration rate of new energy vehicles continues to increase, China and the United States, two major auto sales countries, will usher in a new round of continuous growth (the penetration rate of new energy vehicles in China and the United States is still less than 10%), and the industry as a whole is in the period of new energy vehicle promotion.

Autonomous Mobile Robots

1. Power battery manufacturing and application of autonomous mobile robots for intelligent upgrade

According to the "White Paper on the Development of the Lithium-ion Battery Industry", the global demand for lithium-ion batteries mainly comes from new energy vehicles. The increase in the penetration rate of new energy vehicles will surely drive the expansion of upstream power battery production.

Autonomous Mobile Robots

New energy vehicles are also one of the ten key breakthrough areas of Made in China 2025, and power batteries are the core components of new energy vehicles. With the increase in the penetration rate of new energy vehicles, the expansion of global power battery production capacity is about to accelerate, and the scale, automation and intelligence of power battery manufacturing has become a trend.

Autonomous Mobile Robots

Intelligent manufacturing can efficiently improve the consistency of production power batteries, improve production efficiency, improve information management, reduce labor, and reduce labor intensity. On the one hand, for power battery enterprises, the implementation of intelligent manufacturing can improve efficiency, reduce costs, improve quality, improve material utilization, shorten product development cycles, reduce labor costs per unit of production capacity, and accelerate the transparency of on-site management, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises; On the other hand, while promoting the transformation and upgrading of power battery manufacturing, it can promote the development of high-end power battery equipment and meet the needs of mixed production of batteries of different specifications in the production process of power batteries. Therefore, intelligent manufacturing is also an important factor in realizing various indicators of power batteries. s method.

2. Autonomous mobile robots facilitate efficient manufacturing of power batteries

The main demand facing the power lithium battery automation industry at this stage is to solve the problem of faster efficiency improvement, that is, to upgrade from a single-line solution to an overall smart factory solution. So in this, the development of logistics automation and intelligence is imminent.

The connection between power battery manufacturing processes is becoming more and more flexible, and the connection between production line and warehousing is becoming more and more close, especially the connection of equipment, network connection, data connection, etc., which are important for seamless connection between processes and warehousing and transfer. The carrier autonomous mobile robot (AMR/AGV) perfectly matches the power battery manufacturing needs with the characteristics of high flexibility, high efficiency and high precision.

Autonomous Mobile Robots

Autonomous mobile robots (AMR/AGV) intelligently upgrade power battery manufacturing logistics:

(1) In the power battery manufacturing process, the middle-stage processes such as winding, filming, shelling, liquid injection, and sealing are mainly conveyed by conveyor belts, which are highly integrated and difficult to transform;

(2) The demand for AGV/AMR in the front and rear sections is very large. The front section is mainly due to the volume and load of the material, which requires precise docking with the production line, and the traditional manual method has a large loss of personnel;

The production line logistics solution composed of AGV/AMR in the rear section is more flexible and intelligent. Multiple mobile robots can not only operate independently and independently, but also can be combined and connected accurately and orderly, forming no physical partition, which can not only play a dynamic role The adjustment function can also extend the working range radius to form a highly flexible production line. It can reduce labor costs, facilitate automatic connection with other high-tech equipment, and implement unmanned and efficient operations, which can also reduce the chance of manual contact with cells and ensure the quality of cells.

3. The leader of power battery autonomous mobile robot equipment - Casun Intellingent

Smart logistics solutions using autonomous mobile robots in power battery manufacturing have gradually matured, and more and more manufacturers have begun to try to integrate various AGVs/AMRs, forklift AGVs, etc. into their solutions. Casun Intellingent AMR/AGV robots were first used in power battery manufacturing and logistics scenarios. In 2021, Casun Intellingent's lithium battery industry shipments reached more than 2,000 units, ranking the top service provider for new energy lithium battery smart logistics applications, and it is well-deserved in the field of smart logistics applications in the lithium battery industry.

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