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Smart upgrade! Casun enabling power battery industry new layout!


The new energy vehicle market has seen a gradual increase in the adoption of lithium iron phosphate batteries due to the promotion and application of innovative technologies such as CTP and blade batteries, as well as the continuous improvement of lithium iron phosphate materials. The growth of the lithium iron phosphate battery industry has been significant in line with the expansion of the new energy vehicle industry.

1.Project Background of Autonomous Mobile Robot


The market competition is rapidly evolving and to make continuous progress, enterprises must keep up with the market trends and intensify production. Failure to control costs can lead to significant market problems and without high profits, they may be eliminated. This is also the reason why the industry undergoes reshuffling.

As a leading enterprise in the lithium-ion battery materials industry, this project is an important strategic move to comply with the industry's development trend and respond to downstream customers' demand for high-performance and low-cost products. The incorporation of smart logistics products in this project aims to achieve digital transformation and increase the degree of automation. This is an inevitable choice to further consolidate the industry's position and pursue high-quality development. It is also the only way to establish a globally competitive project.

2.Project Difficulties of Autonomous Mobile Robots

1.Stringent demands on production and handling speed

The project requires a rapid on-site transportation pace, with a product flow rate of 500 tons/day (55 ton/h) on and off the assembly line, and 24-hour operation for warehouse entry and exit.

2.Stringent demands on automation

Real-time material information entry is required for warehouse entry and exit, along with display of call items and station locations (for calling and delivery), and the capability to pick designated material pallets from the warehouse area.

3.Stringent demands on visualization and intelligence

Real-time monitoring of various information and communication with external equipment are necessary to achieve digital management.

3.Solutions for Autonomous Mobile Robots

1.Dozens of stacking intelligent forklifts, CRMS system, WMS+WCS system, workstation, automatic charging station, super WIFI, code scanning equipment, TMS system, etc.are applied in this project.

2.The intelligent system function realizes the visual management of mobile robot and transshipment material information, realizes data sharing and data docking, monitors various alarm information in real time, and pushes them to each designated device.

3.The autonomous mobile robot realizes the intelligent planning of the optimal transportation route, and conducts a second code scan to confirm the transshipment materials.After the information is equal and correct, it continues to perform the task.

4.Customer Benefits of Autonomous Mobile Robots

1.Improve production efficiency

The flow rate of the system in and out of the warehouse and packaging and loading and unloading is up to 500 tons/day, 55 pallets/h, and the pallet return cycle is 30 groups/h (each group is 8 empty pallets), which can automatically and efficiently complete the cycle requirements and completely replace manual work.

2.Increase the degree of automation

Improve the degree of automation with intelligent logistics, and the on-site operation process settings can be changed at any time, occupying a small space.

3.Improve information flow

The system is powerful, the background system can dynamically manage and monitor the intelligent forklift in real time, the front desk responds quickly and correctly, and the background data is detailed and accurate.

4.Improve storage utilization

Increase the utilization rate of storage, effectively improve the efficiency of goods access, solve the material transportation of production workshops and warehouses, solve the problem of rhythm unification, solve the problem of plant construction costs and the safety of production and shipment.

5.Product Introduction of Autonomous Mobile Robots


The products used in this solution are Jiashun intelligent laser navigation intelligent forklift series.This mobile robot has the following nine advantages:

1.Strong load capacity

It is suitable for handling a variety of pallets, boxes, and pallets, and supports 1600kg high-level stacking.

2.Improve site utilization

The flexible path planning of intelligent forklifts makes storage more standardized and orderly, and fully improves space utilization and transportation efficiency.

3.Can run across regions

It can be connected with various channel equipment such as elevators, electronic doors, and air shower doors to realize cross-floor and cross-regional operation.

4.High positioning accuracy

Repeat positioning accuracy can reach ±10mm.

5.Multi-scene and multi-function

It can be used for high-level shelf stacking to complete various operations such as handling, lifting and stacking, and is suitable for scenarios such as horizontal handling, high-altitude storage, and truck loading and unloading.

6.Cluster scheduling

It can realize the collaborative operation of more than a thousand mobile robots and realize the function of cluster scheduling.

7.Fault self-test

It has perfect fault self-diagnosis function, and has remote fault diagnosis and self-recovery functions.


When the power is low, it can autonomously go to the charging station for charging; no manual intervention is required to achieve 24-hour operation.

9.Multiple security protection

Equipped with laser obstacle detection sensor, mechanical anti-collision device and sound and light voice warning to ensure safe operation.

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