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The Unsung Heroes Behind the Acceleration of E-commerce Promotion Season

Friends, the annual shopping spree has arrived. Have you started receiving your parcels?

If you have already placed an order, are you worried about the items you bought during the holiday season taking a month to arrive? But you will find that nowadays logistics and delivery speeds are getting faster and faster. Why is it that when faced with a massive amount of orders, the processing and shipment speed is getting faster and faster?

This is where the high-tech assistant of various industries comes in - smart logistics.

Smart logistics relies on internet, big data, smart hardware, and other technical means to achieve the visualization, intelligence, information, and controllability of various links in the logistics system. It solves problems in logistics and efficiently completes every link in the logistics cycle, replacing manual labor.

CASUN Intelligence focuses on the development of smart logistics, takes on important missions, and helps upgrade the intelligence of the warehousing and logistics industry.

Autonomous mobile robots help the logistics industry improve warehousing and delivery efficiency

Consumers are increasingly demanding logistics efficiency, and the advantages of a smart warehouse are gradually becoming prominent. Traditional warehousing requires manual scanning of goods for storage by workers. Under the smart logistics system, a smart warehouse can rely on sensors and identification technology to achieve machine automation.

  • Improve transfer efficiency: avoids errors in manual sorting and handling, greatly improving handling efficiency and accuracy.

  • Ensure warehouse utilization: no need to modify the original warehouse location, achieving unmanned transfer in the current environment, ensuring warehouse utilization.

  • Reduce potential occupational hazards: saves a lot of labor costs, improves employee work comfort, and reduces potential occupational hazards for employees in extreme environments, such as cold storage.

  • Complete and traceable data chain: through the CRMS intelligent control system, the collection and entry of transfer material information is realized, achieving a complete and traceable data chain.

Autonomous mobile robots help the liquor industry achieve intelligent and efficient production

With frequent liquor price increases, the Double Eleven has become the best time for liquor aficionados to stock up, and various distilleries are considering how to improve quality and efficiency and catch up with the Double Eleven shopping spree. Smart logistics has become an important means of improving the core competitiveness and reducing costs and increasing efficiency of the manufacturing industry.

  • Improve logistics efficiency: achieve intelligence and automation in the loading, warehousing, management, and information tracking of goods, making it faster and more efficient for enterprises to sort and transport goods.

  • Ensure the safety of goods: through IoT technology, the entire process from raw materials to production circulation and finally to the hands of users is traceable, effectively ensuring the safety and traceability of the goods themselves and the logistics transportation process.

  • Improve management efficiency: realize automatic storage, sorting, handling, and delivery, operate efficiently 24 hours a day, effectively improve the efficiency of enterprise operations, and improve service levels and competitiveness.

Autonomous mobile robots help the tobacco industry achieve unmanned change

With the improvement of automation technology, the degree of automation required by tobacco companies in the production process is also increasing. A large number of highly laborious repetitive jobs are replaced by mobile robots, which also improves the efficiency of shipping for enterprises.

CASUN intelligence provides adaptable and efficient solutions for various industries with outstanding technology and stable systems. It changes the original distribution mode and realizes the intelligent scheduling and unmanned handling of various finished tobacco products such as sorting and transfer.

Autonomous mobile robots, according to system information, quickly and orderly sort and store cigarettes, and automatically dock with palletizers to achieve automatic stacking of empty pallets.

Greatly improve picking efficiency

Within an hour, the AGV transport shelf moves 200 times from the tray storage area to the mechanical arm work station, with an average of 18 seconds each time;

Warehouse capacity greatly increased

Reasonably plan the warehouse layout, make full use of space, and increase warehouse capacity by more than 20%;

Save labor costs

Reduce the number of personnel operations, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and reduce the error rate of operations.

As artificial intelligence technology, automation technology, and information technology continue to develop, the degree of intelligence will continue to increase. Smart logistics will constantly be given new skills and missions.

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