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Case Selection: CASUN's Flexible AGV Production Line Helps the Panel Industry to Achieve Intelligent Upgrade

With the continuous advancement of Industry 4.0, various enterprises continue to innovate and develop in the fields of smart products, smart manufacturing, and smart logistics. The case we want to share today is to introduce how the CASUN flexible AGV production line helps the panel industry to achieve intelligent upgrade based on the specific practice of an international leading optoelectronics company's automatic handling AGV solution.

1. The application of Casun AGV robot in the project

深圳工厂中段制程Cell结束后来料:Incoming materials after the end of the cell in the mid-stage process of the Shenzhen factory;卸货入立库(即原料仓):Unloading into vertical warehouse (ie raw material warehouse);POP解包(解栈板):POP unpacking (unstacking); UPK解包(解单箱):UPK unpacking (unpacking a single box); 偏贴制程:Offset process; STK立库:STK standing; 组合:bonding;测试:test;OAP自动包装:OAP automatic packaging; PPK上栈板:PPK upper pallet; 入库:warehousing

(1) The unpacked materials from the material warehouse are sent to the line side warehouse or the line end through the air shower room/elevator, and the manipulator feeds the production line for module assembly. This process saves the original POP+UPK unpacking production line and replaces the manual material transfer between special processes (6 lines), saving 9000W+ for the manufacturer (including the upgrade and transformation cost of 20 production lines) and saving 40 manpower, so as to effectively improve the efficiency and improve product quality.

(2) Unpack the polarizer and send it to the entrance of the Polaroid laminating machine. After it is processed in the Polaroid laminating machine, the OK products are sent to the packaging machine, and the NG products are sent to the inspection machine and repairing machine, and then returned to the packaging machine after repairing. This process uses AGV robots to replace the fixed production line, and the flexible process saves more than 30 million costs (the defect rate is reduced by 80%, and the material damage during the handling process is reduced).

(3) The material is sent to the test, and after the test is completed, it is sent to OAP for automatic packaging. This process greatly reduces the cutting time with intelligent replenishment, and diversified continuous production operations. Cost savings of 15 million per month + (monthly delay in cutting machines can be reduced from 10% to 4%, and production scheduling is more flexible.)

2. The technological innovation of Casun AGV robot in panel industry

(1) AGV works in a thousand-level dust-free workshop environment, and has high requirements for cleanliness protection;

(2) The AGV has a lifting device and has a floating function;

(3) When the AGV robot is running, the vibration value of the CST bottom frame is less than 0.3G, which avoids damage to the LCD (liquid crystal display) panel and ensures safety;

(4) The AGV uses a modular design, which is easy to disassemble and maintain;

(5) The AGV has the functions of traversing and in-situ rotation to meet the needs of running in the channel with limited space.

3. The project value of AGV solutions

In the current LCD panel industry, the application of AGV robots not only greatly reduces labor costs, but also reduces the operating errors of workers, making production and distribution more scientific and reasonable. Furthermore, due to the large volume, heavy weight and special loading materials of CST stainless steel carriers, the handling requirements are high, and the application of AGV can solve such problems well and greatly enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.

Since the first cooperation in 2018, the customer has fully replicated the application case in many factories across the country, and designated CASUN as the only supplier of AGV robots and control systems.

4. The application and development of AGV robots in the panel industry

(1) Improve economic efficiency

With the continuous development of large-size screens, the larger the panel size, the larger the volume and weight of the required vehicle. If it is handled manually, it is laborious, difficult, and labor costs are high. The AGV robot can improve transportation efficiency and reduce labor input, thereby reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

(2) Real-time monitoring of data

The requirements of the production line on electronic information flow are getting higher and higher. The manual handling of logistics information will be interrupted, and the operation error will be large. AGV handling can report the status of material information in real time, ensure the integrity of the data chain, and form a closed loop of information and data.

(3) Flexible process connection

Small-sized panels have the characteristics of a large demand, various types, complex technologies, frequent switching of different types of production, and scattered production lines. The introduction of AGV can realize flexible production, and the cutting machine can carry out work quickly, making production scheduling more flexible and satisfying diversified production modes.

In the future, CASUN will continue to promote the construction and application of AGV in the intelligent manufacturing industry. We firmly believe that the AGV robot is not only a car, but also holds the strongest brain in the intelligent manufacturing world, giving the industry endless innovation power!

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