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5G+ mobile robot, a new class of autonomous mobile robot strength on duty!

As Industry 4.0 advances, autonomous mobile robots have evolved beyond simple transportation of goods to designated locations. They now incorporate big data, Internet of Things, cloud computing, and other technologies into the production and manufacturing process, transforming mobile robots into a new breed of intelligent industrial equipment.


Background of the project:

The objective of the project is to establish a smart factory with complete 5G coverage, ensuring integrated management both inside and outside the factory premises. The goal is to move away from traditional labor-intensive operation modes and tackle frequent problems such as material management chaos, unstable production efficiency, low production yield, and high management costs, thereby achieving intelligent manufacturing and flexible, personalized production.

The smart logistics products will primarily facilitate the transfer, loading, and unloading of materials in the welding workshop. From an external perspective, manually assembled material racks will be distributed to the indoor assembly and distribution area based on manual material arrangement requirements. From the indoor assembly and distribution area, materials will be automatically delivered according to the demands of the production line. Online distribution will be implemented, and long-distance intelligent distribution of materials between the stamping, welding, painting, and final assembly workshops will be realized.

1.Autonomous mobile robot solutions for smart factory applications

1.The project applied dozens of SLAM navigation automatic detachable traction mobile robots, automatic charging stations, CRMS systems, 5G private networks, etc.

2.The high-quality network with gigabit wireless broadband, millisecond-level ultra-low latency, and ultra-high-density connection lays the foundation for the next step of intelligent manufacturing, flexible manufacturing, remote control and other applications in the factory area.

3.The intelligent control system of the autonomous mobile robot is connected with the customer's MES system, line-side equipment, line body system, and rolling door to realize data sharing and data docking, intelligently plan the optimal transportation path of the mobile robot, improve the efficiency of storage and output, and improve production efficiency.cut costs.

4.According to the scheduling information, the mobile robot can safely and effectively complete the transfer of multi-material vehicles between various processes.

2.Advantages of the autonomous mobile robot solution

1.Help build a safe and effective 5G private network

Carrying all links such as processing, logistics, assembly, and after-sales, the underlying network is safe and stable, with low latency and high reliability, smooth and timely evolution and development, and saves traditional private network maintenance and spare parts costs.

2.Technology linkage to realize intelligent manufacturing

Based on 5G+MEC edge cloud technology, laser and visual navigation mobile robots are connected to internal and external systems, complete material replenishment and transfer on demand, display inventory status in real time, and connect with rolling door controllers to realize automatic and efficient smart production.

3.Intelligent scheduling inside and outside the factory to achieve efficient application

In view of the fact that the autonomous mobile robot of this project needs to operate outdoors, a special design has been made to reduce outdoor strong light interference; the laser principle and system algorithm are used to obtain position information to achieve precise positioning; mature and reliable special drive units are used to adapt to the operating road surface The high and low potholes are uneven, and the operation is stable according to the route; the mature and stable control unit is used to effectively reduce the incidence of difficult and miscellaneous diseases during operation, so that the entire logistics transportation system can run smoothly and efficiently, and reduce the experience and skill requirements for maintenance personnel.

3.Product Introduction of Autonomous Mobile Robots


The product used in this solution is Jiashun intelligent SLAM navigation and traction series.This natural navigation mobile robot has the following nine advantages:

1.Strong load capacity

Support docking and handling of 3000kg.

2.Strong environmental adaptability

SLAM has high precision when constructing maps, and can automatically update the running map according to the changes of the scene during operation, thereby greatly improving the environmental applicability.

3.Can run across regions

It can be connected with various channel equipment such as elevators, electronic doors, and air shower doors to realize long-distance operation across floors and regions.

4.High positioning accuracy

Repeat positioning accuracy can reach ±5mm.

5.Stable operation and high efficiency

Driven by the rudder wheel, the drive assembly is a spring-suspended type, which can adapt to the unevenness of the running road surface and run stably according to the route.And has good expansion and upgrading capabilities and adaptability to different application environments.

6.Cluster scheduling

It has the function of multiple autonomous mobile robots working together to realize cluster scheduling.

7.Fault self-test

It has perfect fault self-diagnosis function, and has remote fault diagnosis and self-recovery function.


When the power is low, it can go to the charging station for automatic charging; no manual intervention is required to achieve 24-hour operation.

9.Multiple security protection

Equipped with laser obstacle detection sensor, mechanical anti-collision device and sound and light voice warning to ensure safe operation.

In this project, Jiashun intelligent standardized service process, excellent product performance and advanced technology, and rich and efficient project implementation experience have enabled the auto company to successfully achieve digital upgrades.

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